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    Electra RC1 iOS 11 Jailbreak With Cydia Bundled Is A Limited Release For Developers Only.

    @CoolStar The creator of the Electra_Jailbreak for iOS 11 from iOS 11.0.x - 11.1.2.

    We are all waiting for Electra Jailbrek to come with Cydia on this coming Thursday.

    But It seems that CoolStar doesn’t want to release a version of Electra with Cydia installed until a number of high-profile developers have been given the opportunity to update their own tweaks and software.

    @CoolStar Twetted this:

    Electra RC1 will be a limited release to developers only initially. It will be made available to the public once core 3rd-party packages are updated (E.g. Filza and RocketBootstrap)

    As of right now, all packages from saurik’s repo and many 3rd party Cydia packages that depends on daemons are broken on iOS 11. Hence the initial developer-only release while we get electratools set up and let 3rd parties update.

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